Working Hard

Hello Art fans and thank you for stopping by,

Working hard into the wee hours!
Well I have started working on yet another new piece after completing my Magical Sun Butterfly piece which you can view in my portfolio and also in the Store. This new piece is looking really good at the moment and having a great time and experience painting this piece – not all pieces have this feeling, about 75% – 80% do but there are always pieces that I start and get half way through and just think……hmmmmmm I’m not liking this one for whatever reason it may be and then at the completion stage I look at them and think, oh ok that turned out ok LOL.

A New Learning Path

This week I have been learning about how much I still do not know about the Art world, and bringing my art pieces to Market. I have been looking for new ways to market myself and my brand and I think I may have falling into a massive rabbit hole!

I never actually realised how hard it is as an Artist to get your pieces in front of potential customers – there are so many avenues one can take to get results, one being that of a Art Gallery which I have learn’t is not as easy as just rocking up and saying “Hey I’m an Artist, would you like to display my work”. Oh no, it takes time, and lots of it. Another way I have learn’t is to enter exhibitions and Art shows, which I have started to look into further as it seems to be a great way to get in front of more eye-balls.

Refining Social Media

I have also spent some time refining my Social Media strategies and looking into what else I can do to get my name known in the art world. I have refined my Instagram account and have also been watching YouTube video’s on how other artist have used Instagram to generate sales to which I have learn’t some new tricks which is good, now I just have to put them into practice. I have also been refining my Twitter usage and account much the same way I have done on Instagram. My Facebook page is still growing but very slowly, still haven’t worked out how to use Facebook to my advantage it seems I don’t get too much interest on their, but will continue to do what I have been doing until I learn something different.

Working Towards the Dream

So I’m currently putting in about 15 to 18 hours each day into my Art, so working hard and getting many pieces completed which is great because I have another weekend coming up soon to be at the Shelly Beach markets – very excited to be there again as I will have many new pieces to show and hopefully make a few sales which will result in more people having my artwork on their walls, which is my initial mission. I figure the more people who have my art, the more potential exposure I will get from their own network of friends and family.

I’m still looking for local business owners, or agents who do like my work to get in contact with me so we can work something out on gaining more exposure for my work and hopefully build a great relationship where we are both making a good income. If you are reading this and feel I have something to offer the world of art please don’t hesitate to send me a message, I’d love to chat to you.

Anyway, that’s all I have in the way of News and what I’m currently up to. I hope you are well and that you return soon to see what I’m up to. Thank you again for reading my Blog and visiting my website I really do appreciate having your attention and your interest in myself and my work.


Take Care.


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