Artwork Giveaway & the closure of Stubborn Bull Art

Hello all,

I have decided due to financial and cost issues to close down my website and cease from doing paintings that I offer the public. I feel I gave it my best shot at having my dream come alive of being a paid artist however it seems that this is not meant to be the path I’m to take.

I have had a lot of support, mainly from my partner Bianca and some family members as well as a few People on Social media and also a great deal of people who have told me that I have a great talent, but not so great to have to have those people purchase my works which ultimately pays for the maintenance and costs that arrive by operating an online presence not to mention art supplies.

In the last 24 hours I have offered to give away all my paintings on the condition that the person who wants a piece pays for the shipping costs as I can not pay for this. At the moment I have had only 3 People take this opportunity up with one of those being my beautiful daughter Chloe. Having only 3 people say they want my art is very telling and tells me that this is the right decision to make.

To all who have sent me support I thank you and as kind as your words are they unfortunately do not pay the bills –  In 2 months or there about’s my registrations for my domain name and hosting facilities are due and I will not be able to make those payments as a result this website will cease to exist.

At the moment I have 4 paintings left to give away, they are as follows;

As Above, So Below,
Lizard Dreaming and
The Mind.

If you would like to claim a piece please send me an email to or contact through Facebook.

Thank again