About the Studio

NewLogoHello and welcome to the Stubborn Bull Art Studio and Online store. Stubborn Bull Art Studio is a collection of paintings and artwork completed by Australian Artist – Stubborn Bull.


So who is Stubborn Bull?

10888871_387543544746076_5409101020063554956_nStubborn Bull is an Australian Artist and father of Five, step father to 3. I reside on the Central Coast of New South Wales, such a beautiful place for an Artist to be located. Born in the town of Gosford, I have been a Central Coast local for many years – There’s no place like God’s country.

I was once asked;

“How would you describe your art and the style thereof?”

Which received a reply of – “You tell me”, “I do not hold myself or imply to position myself in a pigeon hole of any sorts. This only limits ones ability to be creative as they are always thinking, am I within my giving label”.

“I like to approach my artwork with emotional intention behind it, I paint through my feelings and this could cover any subject matter. Very rarely do I set out to do a specific painting unless of course it has been requested of me”.

My Biggest Influences Are

I am very much influenced by the Australian Originals and American Indians. This is reflected a lot in many of the pieces that I create.

Also embedded coding is another thing you will find within the paintings that I do. Throughout History great artist have and still do leave coded messages within the paintings they produce. For myself this is very much a giving with all my paintings.

I mainly paint in acrylic’s however I also do pieces in Oils, but they’re very limited so if you see one please make sure you do yourself a healthy financial favour and pick it up as they will no doubly be very expensive assets in future years and great investments.

You’ll also find a great collection but again very limited sample of sketches done in charcoal, pastels and pencil with custom made frames sourced from the Australian bush.

Water colour paintings are displayed and sold however in very limited numbers as I don’t produce a great number of pieces done in this medium. Again another very scarce element of my artistic ability and one that has shown to be a very good investment from past sales.

What do you get enjoyment out of?

Well besides Art, I also love to get out into the Oceans – I’m a keen Surfer and have surfed since I was a little boy. Admittedly I rarely get out there these days as old age has made me a bit picky on what I will go out in but still enjoy the surf a great deal when I do get myself out there.

What I do take the most enjoyment in is hiking, camping and being close to the Australian bush, I’m a keen survivalist, and bush tucker student. I love to go out on trips by myself, but also with the love of my life Bianca who supports me greatly and I sometimes wonder where I would be without such a beautiful soul in my life. I also have the most beautiful Children a Man could ask for, they make me proud every day with their own travel through life.

And that’s about it really, I’m a simple Man, who doesn’t require a lot these days.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you find your little piece of Australian Art and my fantastic ability to capture the world around us. To view the Online Store, please click the link below or use the navigation menu above. Once again, thank for stopping by and please come back as I’m always publishing a blog post or uploading new pieces of work.

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